Symbinote is Changing

Although most of what Symbinote already is is not changing, the name is.  After a lot of thinking and searching, I decided on Automana to be Symbinote’s new name.  Along with this change, there will be many other changes to existing names in the database.   Plus, there will be new names to features that I wanted to add but didn’t yet have official names for them.

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Free Matter the Series

The series formerly titled Justice is to be now called Free Matter.  I chose this title because free matter plays a central part in the series.

Free matter prevents the bodies of many beings in the Magic of Everything from being incarcerated or restrained.  At least nothing beyond a few days.  If at all. With such a scenario some of the questions the series puts forth are, how do you enforce laws? How would society punish law breakers? Are executions the solution? Should society rehabilitate rather than punish?  How do you conduct trials?  What is justice?

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Symbinote the Comic

As a concept, Symbinote was to be a book series set in the Magic of Everything universe. While also, playing an important part in the Magic of Everything’s economic system.  But it was also to be a web project promoting its real-life application.  After much thought, I decided the best way to convey the Symbinote project’s ideas was through the medium of an online comic.  Set in a timeline and world like our own.

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Talking About Being Plagerized

For around four months now I have been aware that some people have been making constant claims of plagiarizing my work in order to blackmail myself into not continuing my work.  I speak now because I have become fed up with their most recent claim so now I will talk about it. They consistently let me know they have plagerized my work through various means of communication of which they try to protect their identity.  Or they claim that they have given others my work to claim as their own.  In essence, they are trying to stop me from publishing my work in public and trying to get me to give up. They don’t want the truth coming out.  So they are trying to shut me up from claiming which is rightfully my work which they stole.

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A Notable Change

After much consideration, I have decided to the change the title of the Young/New adult series.  Instead of Notable, it will now be Symbinote.

I came to this decision when I considered how closely a symbinote worked with the Notable system/service/network.  I thought it would be best if I streamlined the two ideas.  So I fused them together to form Symbinote.  Now there is are two different types that make up Symbinote.  The first being  Symbinote C. The C stands for ‘Collective’.  The second being Symbinote I.  With the ‘I’ standing for ‘Individual’.  Of which there are many.

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Upcoming Projects for 2016 and Beyond

There are a few Magic of Everything projects I would like to inform you about that will be coming out next year and beyond that. The first being the webcomic. It will launch sometime in late Spring or early Summer 2016 and it will be published weekly. It designed to touch on any subject that is of interest. But it is done through satire, humor, reflection and celebration. My hope is it will provide amusement, insight, wisdom and enlightenment to the audience.

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Sharing the Fruits of My Labor

Thank you for visiting. I am happy to finally share the fruits of my labor with you in an official capacity.

For almost fourteen years, I have been working on this project that I call the Magic of Everything. You can become acclimated with the work once you click on the Universe link within the site’s menu. There you will find a database of everything you need to know about the universe of the Magic of Everything.

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