Symbinote is Changing

Although most of what Symbinote already is is not changing, the name is.  After a lot of thinking and searching, I decided on Automana to be Symbinote’s new name.  Along with this change, there will be many other changes to existing names in the database.   Plus, there will be new names to features that I wanted to add but didn’t yet have official names for them. Read more


Valhalla is the hall of fame of the most accomplished champions. It doesn’t matter what type of display that the champion has garnered their acclaim. As long as it is recognized by the selection committee. Of whom are elected by the public. Read more


Anima is a unique state of being that is formed by the combined existence of the soul/spirit and corporeal body.

Whether Risen or Invoked, understanding one’s anima is essential to figuring out who you are. Read more


Champions are beings who are often engaged in the promotional activity called a display. These displays often times coming in the form of interactions. They are known to be proficient at displays usually resulting in its effective uptake. Read more


An astra is a visual projection of a Risen’s spirit or soul. A sort of avatar of the spirit. Usually taking the appearance of the corporeal body it’s bonded with. Read more


Beings get the name of commander when they are known to render magic through evoked items to great degree. Yet, it must done with skill. Whether it be in all or just certain cases where magic is called for. Read more


Keepers are Evoked entities that orbit the earth. They have the responsibility to mitigate natural disasters and adverse weather conditions. Sometimes preventing them outright. Read more

The Gift

The Gift, otherwise known as free will, is considered the greatest power a being can possess. To have free will is to think for yourself.

It is a power that many people, institutions, and authorities have sought to control in and take from others. Read more


Multi-magic happens when more than one expression is generated and communicated at once. Occurring in both productive or aggressive ways.

In productive cases, it can allow the author to achieve more efficient and effective results. As in instances where an author is forming or altering the atomic structure of an object. Such intricate procedures requires numerous types of magic to constantly happen until completion. Procedures the soul/spirit has little problem doing. Read more