A Notable Change

After much consideration, I have decided to the change the title of the Young/New adult series.  Instead of Notable, it will now be Symbinote.

I came to this decision when I considered how closely a symbinote worked with the Notable system/service/network.  I thought it would be best if I streamlined the two ideas.  So I fused them together to form Symbinote.  Now there is are two different types that make up Symbinote.  The first being  Symbinote C. The C stands for ‘Collective’.  The second being Symbinote I.  With the ‘I’ standing for ‘Individual’.  Of which there are many.

Another consideration was that Notable was too generic a word in comparison to Symbinote. I realized I needed a new yet familiar sounding word that I could define.  Plus, the name just sounded more interesting.

I was also looking down the road to some other plans I have for Symbinote.   This name fits that plans perfectly.  As you will find out later Symbinote can be more than just a creation found in a book series.  It can possibly be something real.  Even in the world which we find ourselves living in today.

I will be linking to the different database entries of Symbinote found in Magic of Everything Universe.  Check back in one or two months when I open the database from private to public.