Automana is a collective intelligence that functions as decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It is a distributed social networking service. Its main purpose is to bolster a user’s status and reputation. Which then can be used as social capital and currency. But for others, it is used additionally or solely to journal their lives.

Technically, is it referred to as Automana C and is classified as Evoked.

Its collective intelligence is achieved by the synergy of all the distributed automanas. Automana I being its technical name. The users of these automanas also contribute to the collective intelligence of Automana. As they play a hand in what a Automana does and becomes.

It tracks any occurrence that is worthy of note. What is noteworthy depends on how important others feel your deeds are. The value of which is determined by the beings who partake in Automana.

Automana is a progressive system. It only records actions, achievements, and happenings considered positive. It in no way records anything regarded as negative by the beings that are involved in the incident. Automana would need approval from all parties in order for the event to post within its system. With some exceptions.

A being that is not able to provide approval constitutes such an exception. Occurring when a one is unconscious, mental disabled, unable to communicate or too young of age. In all these cases these beings are not Risen. In such cases, beings may have to wait at a later date to get approval. Or defer to someone who has the authority to give approval on their behalf.

It is also a symbiotic system. In that when an event involves one or more being it usually is of mutual benefit to all. Those benefits are realized through supporters of what came about from the incident.

Those benefits are offered to the individuals who partook in the event.  The supporters too, if desired, will garner status/reputation by associating themselves with the beneficiary. Which supporters can then use to reap benefits of their own. That is if the solicited individual accepts the offer. If they do they can garner even more status/reputation by associating with the benefactor. Hence, the symbiotic benefits attained have a domino effect. With each benefit leading to another. That is if you play your cards right.

But for the system to work, an automana needs to assist. It helps in the verification and approval of an event that has taken place. They are able to integrate into any form just as long as the vessel is Evoked. Beings often like this item to be wearable like an amulet, ring, necklace, bracelet, belt, etc. In other cases, it is an item that one carries or is accompanied by.

Another device called an Evoked drone assistant (EDA) may also be used to further verify an event when needed. That is if your other automanas can’t do it. It too will have to have an automana integrated for it to work with Automana. In such cases, it will make an audio and/or visual record of what occurred.
The creators of Automana felt no one being or organization should have control of it. So it made sure it operated as a decentralized autonomous organization. To achieve this functionality every user’s automana is able to act as a node for Automana. Being also distributed system, it has no single point of failure and achieves redundancy.