Human Nature, Part 1

One of the main reasons for me creating the Magic of Everything is to explore the dynamics of human nature.

For me, human nature has always been the dominant force holding us back from being the best we can be.  Hence, why the world is and has been in such dire shape.

By human nature I am talking about the good and bad.  But for me the good should be expected.  The bad not so.  If the reason for us being the most powerful animal occurred because of evolution, by divine intervention, or both.  Then I think is beholden upon us to continue to evolve.  Not by acquiring more power but by improving our mentality.

With Magic of Everything, I set out to shed light on that this nature of ours so as celebrate the good it possesses.  In hopes of encouraging others to do more of it.  But I also want to highlight the bad so we can identify the negative traits inherent in ourselves.

Although this may seem obvious,  it is important state that this is my beliefs.  So if people want to believe in my analysis and conclusions that is entirely up to them.