Make Movement

The Make Movement arose when most people started to make almost anything from nearly everything. This is possible through the use of magic.

The movement has become such a staple of everyday life that people created a holiday called Make Day to commemorate it. The holiday has even expanded over the course of a week. Make Week is celebrated through festivals and events that are hosted in places all over the world.

Citizens have even gotten clever with viral campaigns connecting their activities to the movement. Campaigns with titles and slogans such as Just Making; Just Make It; Make Power; Making; The Making; In the Making; and To Make or Not to Make. All which harken back to phrases and slogans in pop culture pre-Magic of Everything.

At the movement’s worst point, MoE was taken from almost everything you could think of. Be it public or private property. That is until the medium of exchange called Make came along. Its purpose was to discourage this free-for-all behaviour.

For the most part, Make has been a success. Beings now recognize it as the predominant physical currency in the Magic of Everything. As it is the embodies the very things which things are made out of. Also, its use reinforces the idea of respecting people and property. Not mention the environment which they all share.