Symbinote the Comic

As a concept, Symbinote was to be a book series set in the Magic of Everything universe. While also, playing an important part in the Magic of Everything’s economic system.  But it was also to be a web project promoting its real-life application.  After much thought, I decided the best way to convey the Symbinote project’s ideas was through the medium of an online comic.  Set in a timeline and world like our own.

The book series is still a go. But now with Symbinote being a comic set in a more relatable setting it may allow for the ideas it expresses to be more readily considered.  Especially, by members of the audience that might not be the biggest fans of sci-fi fantasy books.

But a common objective of the books and comic will be to show the pros and cons of social capital and social currency.  All playing a huge part in what Symbinote has to offer.

As it stands now the comic it will be published around the same time the Magic of Everything comic is published.  With Symbinote posted every other week. The Magic of Everything being posted on the weeks it is off.