Talking About Being Plagerized

For around four months now I have been aware that some people have been making constant claims of plagiarizing my work in order to blackmail myself into not continuing my work.  I speak now because I have become fed up with their most recent claim so now I will talk about it. They consistently let me know they have plagerized my work through various means of communication of which they try to protect their identity.  Or they claim that they have given others my work to claim as their own.  In essence, they are trying to stop me from publishing my work in public and trying to get me to give up. They don’t want the truth coming out.  So they are trying to shut me up from claiming which is rightfully my work which they stole.

I have written numerous notes on my computer and emails over the years. Not to mention even an older website detailing my work that is still up today. That doesn’t even count the numerous paper notes I have of my work.  I say this because they claim to have acquired this information through hacking my computer, monitoring my email communications, hacking my websites and a breaching my home. They even made the bold claim they have bugged my home to monitor my private conversations when it comes to the Magic of Everything.

When I let the public see my work through proper means you will know that each piece carefully works with the other.   All of which makes the Magic of Everything work like a carefully put together machine.  One piece can’t work without the other.  Otherwise, the Magic of Everything wouldn’t make sense.  If they enough of those components from the Magic of Everything then you will know they have plagiarized my work.  Like a stolen car they better chop it up in pieces but if whole or sufficient whole then you will know it is my car/work.

My response to all of this is to go ahead and continue to post my work on and so that it shown that the work is one and the same.  That is if they start claim my work as their own.  I am focused on for this truth to come out so rest assured it will if deemed necessary.  Time will tell but only through getting out my work can the truth be revealed.

Just to be clear this includes all my work even the book series.

Further details to come in future posts.