Talking About Justice

Now that a couple weeks have past I want to reveal more about the book series Justice.

One of my goals for this series was have four points of view expressed. Their perspectives give insight into what they think justice is.

The first book’s main character is a multiracial female who is twenty years old. Early on in her creation I decided to have the day of her birth coincide with the Magic of Everything origin.

As a writer/journalist, she enjoys covering various events. Some of those events will test her beliefs till she finally determines what she stands for.

In the second book, the protagonist is a male detective. He is in his late thirties or early forties. Entrusted with the task of upholding the law, he struggles on how best to so. Forces from outside and within will make that struggle even greater.

Book three follows a male protagonist that has committed crimes. He ranges in age from mid-to-late twenties or early to mid-thirties. There will be negative effects that ensue due to his past actions. How he deals with them is a big part of the story. You will also see what his life was like before the crimes as well as his state of mind during them.

The female protagonist, in the fourth book, rehabilitates criminals and non-criminals alike. She is either in her late twenties or early thirties. She narrates her experiences providing psychological and spiritual help to those in need. How she affects them and how they affect her are some of the major themes of her story.

All four of these protagonists are the main characters in the fifth and final book.

However, the connection between these characters is made evident right from the start. As all the protagonists partake in a plot line that carries over from book to book. So you will see each of them appear in each other’s book.

More news to come.