Upcoming Projects for 2016 and Beyond

There are a few Magic of Everything projects I would like to inform you about that will be coming out next year and beyond that. The first being the webcomic. It will launch sometime in late Spring or early Summer 2016 and it will be published weekly. It designed to touch on any subject that is of interest. But it is done through satire, humor, reflection and celebration. My hope is it will provide amusement, insight, wisdom and enlightenment to the audience.

Coinciding with webcomic launch will be a new site design. Naturally, a database that is more polished will also be part of the new site.

The next project is young/new adult book series titled Notable. It has that title because a status-reputation system/network called Notable plays a big part in the series.

Many mediums influence this series. A few of those mediums are light novels, pulp magazines and graphic novels. I aim for the books to be around 300-400 pages but could be more so don’t hold me to that page count.

The other project will be a book series called Justice. It comprises five books. The first four books can be read standalone and is written in first-person. But by reading the first four books the reader will realize there is connection amongst them. The fifth book shouldn’t be read standalone. Instead, it is constructed to tie everything neatly together among the earlier books. Also, most of the major characters from the previous books will interact with each other in a third-person format. All of them seeking justice.

In the coming weeks and months, I will keep you updated with more info about these projects.